With 190,000 inhabitants, Liège (Luik in Dutch, and Liège in French) is the fourth largest city in Belgium. This city has its roots in mining and the steel industry. Liège is famous for its Sunday market on La Batte. This market, along the banks of the Meuse River, stretches out over almost two kilometres. Huge crowds of people, also from the Netherlands, flock to this market every Sunday, where you can buy virtually anything. On account of its industrial past, Liège has always enjoyed excellent railway connections. There is an hourly intercity connection as well as several local train connections that run from Maastricht to Liège and Brussels. This city can also be reached by bus, boat (via the Port autonome de Liège, an inland port), and air (Liège Airport).

Liège’s foremost tourist attractions are its railway station, city hall, the colourful church of St Bartholomew, St Martin’s Basilica, and the enormous Palace of the Prince-Bishops - and all this is located just 25 km from Maastricht!